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Adress: Campo Grande n.º 28-11º
1700-093 Lisboa
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About us

Our History

MADRE Imobiliário was born as an adult, resulting from the spin-off of MADRE SGPS into five new holding companies as a result of a reorganization process aimed at guaranteeing the autonomy of shareholdings, teams and means of financing in the business areas in which the Group carries out its activities. In addition, he has more than 40 years of experience in the most diverse areas of the economy: from real estate to tourism, including agricultural and television production, among many other participations. Today, we present ourselves with a renewed image, supported by a strong technological component, we prepare the future of real estate, reinventing concepts without ever forgetting our origins and the intrinsic values ??of the Group.

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Exception and Sigularity

From the union between an exceptional project and a unique location, Ria View is born, a new project with joint promotion Madre Imobiliario / Sostate