1. General information Company: Mother Imobiliário, Unipessoal Lda. Campo Grande n.º28- 11º 1700-093 Lisbon, Portugal Tax ID: 515,758,876 The company Madre Imobiliário, Unipessoal Lda (hereinafter referred to as Madre Imobiliário) promotes the purchase, exchange, sale and lease of real estate, resale of those acquired for this purpose, the management of own properties and administration of own and third-party properties, the promotion and management of real estate , studies and preparation of projects and provision of services in the real estate area through the website www.madreimobiliario.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). The use of the Site and the contracting of the Services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) offered therein imply, on the part of its Users and/or customers (hereinafter both referred to as “Users”), the acceptance of the General Contracting Conditions, Particular Conditions defined in the acquisition and the Privacy Rules, which are updated regularly, and it is therefore important that the User reads them each time they visit the Site, as well as any particular terms and conditions for each Service that must also be accepted. By simply browsing the Site, there is no agreement between Madre Imobiliário and the User. Mother real estate provides information on the Services sold on the Website. The Site provides information regarding the properties sold by Madre Imobiliário (hereinafter referred to as “Imóveis”). By accessing and using the Site, the User undertakes to accept the General Terms and Conditions provided below (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”), so it is recommended that you carefully read this section before starting. Madre Imobiliário reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete part of the Terms and Conditions at any time and to make changes to the Services, without prior notice. All resources and technical requirements necessary to access the Site and the Services must be borne exclusively by the User, as well as any expenses or charges that may arise from the provision of the Services. The transaction carried out through the Site will be invoiced by Madre Imobiliário, with which the contract is entered into. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to the company Madre Imobiliário.

2. Exclusion of Liability Madre Imobiliário is not responsible for damages or losses resulting from access, use or misuse of the Site's content. The Site is used at the sole risk and expense of the User. Neither Madre - Imobiliário nor its representatives or agents will be held liable for any loss, direct or indirect, particular or causal damage, in any way related to the use of the Site or any information contained therein. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the User expressly waives any claim against Madre - Imobiliário arising from the use of the Site or the information contained therein.

3. Content Responsibility Madre - Imobiliário is not responsible for any potential discrepancies that may exist between the printed versions of its documents and the electronic versions of the same published on the Site. Documents and photographs published on the Site may include technical inconsistencies or typographical errors. The information undergoes regular changes and Madre - Imobiliário has the right to make improvements or changes to the Services described herein at any time. Madre - Imobiliário is not responsible for the veracity of information that it has not created itself and does not assume any responsibility under any circumstances for damages that may arise from the use of such information.

4. Industrial and Intellectual Property This Site contains and makes reference to the industrial and intellectual property rights of Madre - Imobiliário. All content on this Site, such as texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, data collections, as well as software, are the exclusive property of Madre - Imobiliário, protected by international copyright laws. Madre - Imobiliário reserves the right to file a civil and/or criminal action against any physical or legal entity, as well as its representatives, that violate the Terms and Conditions established herein, namely with regard to copyright. The Site is not intended to be distributed, used or accessed by persons from jurisdictions in which the visit to this Site would lead Madre - Imobiliário to violate any law or regulation in such jurisdiction.

5. Legal Majority and Legal Capacity The User declares that he is of legal age (over 18 or 21 years of age in some jurisdictions) and that he has the necessary legal capacity to purchase the Services provided on the Site, in accordance with its Terms and Conditions, which he fully understands. . Madre - Imobiliário shall not, under any circumstances, be responsible in the event that the Services are contracted by a minor, being the said minor, his parents or legal representatives liable, who must assume the costs and consequences that may arise from such contracting. . Access to the Site is the sole responsibility of Users.

6. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions As soon as the User has accessed the Site, in order to contract the Services, he/she must follow all the indications and instructions included in the acquisition process, complying with the particular Terms and Conditions and other forms established for each Service, implying the reading and acceptance of all applicable General and Particular Terms and Conditions. Upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, the User ratifies the contract signed with Madre - Imobiliário, and any other particular Terms and Conditions relating to the Service described in the purchase process. The User undertakes to confirm the veracity and accuracy of the information provided, and any contract in which the User has provided false information is null and void. No receipts or documents deriving from false information will be accepted. If a User has made a reservation using false information, he will be responsible for the processing and operational costs arising from said reservation and will have to indemnify Madre-Imobiliário for the loss of income arising from the reservation of properties that will not be contracted by the User or by third parties.

7. Preservation Principle In the event that one or more of the clauses contained in the Terms and Conditions are declared partially or totally null and void, this declaration will only affect said clauses or the part declared as such, the Terms and Conditions remaining in force in all other clauses and considering such clauses or affected part as not included.

8. Notifications All notifications, requests, petitions and other communications possibly made by the parties in relation to these General Conditions must be made in writing and will be understood as duly carried out whenever delivered by hand or sent by postal mail to the other party's domicile. or to the corresponding email address.

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